Tuesday, March 26, 2013

secret green space

Yesterday morning I got to take a walk by myself and check out a new neighborhood. I had brought my binoculars just in case, which turned out to be a great idea (and a habit I should adopt again). I walked up a big hill and meandered some streets until I found a secret golf course that I never noticed in my three years of living in Watertown. Not open to the public, of course, but a woman walking her dog told me they're pretty lax about the early mornings and the evenings. She also pointed out a grove of pine trees where I should look for a beautiful hawk's nest if I ever get in there. I haven't done any purposeful golf-course birding, but I was just excited by all those tall trees and open space. The air was loud with birdsong and truck rumblings, so it wasn't peaceful at that moment, but I expect it usually is. I'm not a trespasser, but I am tempted to take a look around from the inside. Maybe someday I'll get the chance.

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