Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Close a door, open a window

Three years. I've just devoted three years of my life to something amazing -- the rest of my life and the rest of the world. As of 9:00 this morning, I hold an MA in Children's Literature and an MS in Library and Information Science. I have to say, I never thought I'd have an MS! I briefly considered ornithology, but that is some serious science. I love birds, but I couldn't make them my life's work. There are too many beautiful words to read and ideas to share and people to help. Librarianship is the way for me. I can't wait to start.

What am I going to do with my first few days? Well, not homework, that's for sure! I have a lot of neglected housework to catch up on, but what I'm really looking forward to is making the pie I've been planning for the last month. My freezer is full of hand-picked berries. Berry season was amazing this year. Juneberries - I must have picks two gallons! The juneberry season lasted so long that I had to switch to calling them saskatoons when July rolled around. Then the mulberries - oh, the mulberries! They were so sweet. And a friend of mine invited me to pick all of her black raspberries. So, basically, this pie is going to be incredible.

Since I'm moving away from all these free berry bushes before the next picking season, I'm trying to share their locations with as many people as possible. I wouldn't mind leaving a berry legacy. Let me know if you want the skinny on free berry locations around Watertown, MA!