Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a long time coming

My life has changed dramatically in the months I've been away from this blog. Here's a quick update:
1. moved from Brooklyn to live with family in Rhode Island
2. watched our car die an epic and triumphant death
3. am currently unemployed, but quite busy because we
3. had a baby! He's awesome and we're so happy he's here.

There's nothing like Prospect Park in our new neighborhood, so most of my sightings are in the backyard or in nearby wooded areas or meadows. What prompted me to write today was what I saw in our backyard as I returned from a walk with my baby and my mom. A family of turkeys a dozen or so strong popped into our yard through a hole in the hedgerow, pecked around for a few minutes, and made its way into a neighbor's yard. A few of them went through a hole in the fence, but most of them flew over the short chain-link fence separating the two yards. I'd never seen turkeys in flight before! They were beautiful. I especially liked seeing their tails spread wide as they lumbered over the fence.

I don't know how frequently I'll update this - I do have a two-week-old baby to take care of. But I take him out to look at nature every day, so if I see anything magical, you'll be the first to know!