Saturday, January 15, 2011

winter in Watertown

We took Flash for a winter walk by the Charles River this afternoon. Lovely weather for it, too - overcast, but almost 40 degrees. Now that I have a pair of real snow-pants, I am so happy to go out and frolic in the snow. Flash is getting the hang of walking on snow, but he mostly wants to lie on it and look up at the trees against the sky.

 I am pretty sure the path along the river is a full foot above the real path - you just walk on a foot of packed-down snow. It's slippery in places, too. I lost my footing a few times, which Flash found hilarious.

When you step off the path, your foot sinks pretty deep into the white stuff. We spent as much time lying in the snow as we did walking. Flash seems to notice tiny details, like I do. He found some seed-cone things and plucked them carefully out of the snow.

Here's the bird list for the day - not bad for half a mile in a downtown area with a toddler:

Canada goose
American black duck
white-breasted nuthatch
northern mockingbird
house sparrow
white-throated sparrow
common merganser
black-capped chickadee