Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January thaw and ramblings

We were meeting some friends at the park on this glorious 60-degree day. They hadn't arrived yet, so I told Flash we'd do a little nature walk and see what we could notice. We gingerly skirted 1000x goose poops and found the last patch of unmelted snow. Then he ran over to me holding a stick, saying, "Look, Mama, I found some nature!" 

Later in that park I saw a blue jay with no trace of blue. He was a dull off-white with the telltale chinstrap, crest, and strong beak, but no blue on front, sides, or wings. I didn't get to see the back. I may go back to get a better view. I kick myself every time I leave my third floor apartment without binoculars, because with a three-year-old, I am not going back up for them!

On the way home, we saw a great blue heron flying leisurely overhead. It had one primary feather missing from each wing.

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