Tuesday, April 5, 2011

signs of spring

A lot has changed since I was a regular updater of this blog. Here's the skinny: I'm in grad school pursuing master's degrees in library and information science and children's literature. I have a toddler. I don't live in Brooklyn anymore and I really miss Prospect Park. Here in Watertown, MA, I find little natural moments to tide me over while I introduce my son to the great big world.

Here are some ways today proved springy:
1. The air that hit me as I left the house this morning was warm and humid.
2. The air smelled of damp earth.
3. I saw my first earthworm of 2011 at the running track this morning. Actually, it was more like my first 75 worms of the year. They were all over the track - I really had to watch my step. But the air was so delicious and fresh, who could blame them for coming out in droves? Not I.
4. When the temperature hit 60 degrees I opened my office window and played audience to a robin's lovely serenade.
5. When the wind picked up and the temperature dropped 15 degrees in as many minutes, I closed that window right back up!

Spring is my favorite season. I love the transitional times. I saw a honeybee about two months ago on a fluke of a warm February day and I started to get excited for spring. About a month after that I heard the first white-throated sparrow announcing spring's impending arrival. I can't wait to be driving on the highway and notice that the grey hillsides look faintly greenish when the trees begin to bud. And then way later, the leaf-out! Don't get me started! I haven't yet experienced spring as both a Boston-area resident and a nature-observer - my earlier Boston days were pre-birding. This year, instead of Green-Wood, I will walk through Mount Auburn Cemetery. Instead of Prospect Park, I'll travel along the Charles when I'm near home and explore the Fens when I'm near school. I don't carry my binoculars everywhere anymore, now that I'm always laden either with books or a diaper bag. But my eyes and ears are always open.

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