Monday, February 1, 2010

bird bomb

Our backyard neighbor has cleared most of the wilderness behind our yard, so there's not much shelter left for birds and other creatures. I took my 5-month-old son out back today to check on the suet feeder. As soon as I knelt down to his level for a kiss, I saw a beautiful redtail swirling over our yard. Any birds back there now would be easy targets. Anyway, I narrated to the baby what the bird was doing. "Look, he's flying in circles over the yard to get higher. Oh, his legs are hanging down..." And then the hawk evacuated its bowels 50 feet in the air and I watched it all splatter down onto one of the trees in our yard. I guess that is one way to get a kid interested in nature!


Kay Jay Elle said...

That's a seriously cute thing to do with your baby. I bet you're glad the bird poo didn't land on you. Though I guess that would be a good way to teach him not to look at flying birds with his mouth open.

Matthew said...

The ancients thought raptors were omens, good or bad depending on what they did. Not getting hit by the white ribbon would probably have been considered a good omen.

Leonardo, I think it was, was tickled by a red kite -- a European buteo -- when he was a baby.

dugfresh said...

haha! that's awesome! well...ok, not really. but that kind of thing happens to me all the time. i'll point out a bird to my kids and, right on cue, the bird drops a bomb. it's like an avian conspiracy. they know when i'm coming.

and it's funny...kay's post about having your mouth open. i find myself doing that a lot. then the bird-dropping-a-bomb-as-he-flies-over-my-head scenario occurs to me and my mouth snaps shut so hard it shakes the leaves.

it's great that you're exposing your child to the wonders of nature at such a young age. it'll leave a lasting impression on him and he'll always remember these times with you.