Sunday, October 26, 2008

spooktacular nature

I walked to work several times last week, peeking in on the Lake's inhabitants and resting travelers, crossing the Nethermead, and checking in at the Lower Pool. Shoveler numbers seemed to be increasing, which gave me plenty of opportunities to espy that gorgeous green speculum. Kinglets abounded as well, surrounding me with sweet little songs. I found myself trying to sneak up on a hermit thrush near the Picnic House when something shiny distracted me. Well, not shiny, exactly. I had spotted a bright white squirrel. It's been two years since I saw my first one near the Harmony Playground. I doubt it's the same squirrel - it's very visible lunch for a raptor. Perhaps it will be a ghost for Halloween?


a. jane doe said...

I read the first line as:

I walked to work several times last week, peeing on the Lake's inhabitants and resting travelers.

Mike said...

Wow, after all my years in the Bronx, I've never seen a white - presumably leucistic - squirrel! I've seen plenty of those black melanistic ones, but never white. Very cool!

BirdingGirl said...

This is so cool! I saw one about 4 years ago here in the Greater Boston area, but didn't have a camera with me. They're very neat creatures.

I did get a picture of a tailless squirrel though, which is up on my blog.