Friday, October 10, 2008

no, really, i'm still here

I've had a lot on my mind of late, and haven't been out birding in earnest for a while, as you can guess from the dearth of recent entries. I have, however, seen some great birds quite by accident, including plenty of downy woodpeckers, a brown creeper on an 8th Avenue tree trunk, and a group of ruby-crowned kinglets in the massive evergreen where I work. This weekend Chrissy and I venture to Erie, PA, for a screening of his film, 41. We'll take our time getting there, catching up on some much-needed letterboxing and birdwatching.

Even though I've been preoccupied, I did get a chance to celebrate Hawk Weekend by attending the bird show at the Prospect Park Audubon Center.

I hope to see some awesome stuff this weekend. If you know any places we should stop for birds between NYC and Erie, PA, let me know!


Dennis Weed said...

In Erie PA, Presque Isle State Park is a favorite spot for migrating birds.

Aparna said...

Thanks for this really beautiful birds.
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