Saturday, September 20, 2008

good times at Prospect Park

Today I volunteered at Prospect Park Lake for International Coastal Cleanup Day. While I was very busy cleaning up the lakeshore, I had my eyes open for birds and trash and I kept a mental list. Of note: a hummingbird at some jewelweed bushes; a pair of pants; the juvenile mute swan looking hale and hearty; a sock filled with something brown, unscented, and gelatinous; the first American coots of the season; a bloated raccoon corpse; a beautiful seashell; drug paraphernalia; a coconut; and an unbelievable number of plastic bottles and bags. I had a great time meeting people and working toward a common goal, especially one that helps the animals and park I love so well.

The next cleanup, which I'm hoping to attend, is scheduled for October 18 to prepare Lookout Hill for the Halloween Haunted Walk & Carnival. Also, this coming weekend, September 27 & 28, is Hawk Weekend. I was too shy and too new a birder to feel comfortable participating last year, but this time around I'm really excited to see what Hawk Weekend is all about. I suspect the event will be largely for children, but I'm interested in seeing the bird show, at the very least. There's so much I can learn!

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amarilla said...

That's one of the best lists I've read in a long time. Nice contrasts.